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Fabrication and Installation


Throughout the last 53 years, SRI has learned that being able to provide the complete package has become invaluable. SRI is one of the rare steel companies left today that can provide everything under one roof, with the use of no subcontracting; from estimating, detailing, project management fabrication and erection for all of your miscellaneous iron, light structural steel and architectural metals.

Our shop is furnished with state-of-the-art equipment that streamlines the fabrication process. Our customers can be reassured that the product is of the highest quality and exceeds all standards.

SRI has published a comprehensive Safety Manual, which each employee is bound to. Each employee maintains their focus on safety through regular weekly tool box talks and pre task planning before each item is sent out to be erected.

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SRI has been known for their expertise and innovative ideas in assisting designers as well as general contractors during the pre construction phase.

Collaboration with local engineers, architects and contractors allows SRI to work as part of the design team to ensure the project is completed right the first time.

SRI strives to be an asset to developers and owners, incorporating a solutions-oriented philosophy and a long work history offering expertise and financial stability beyond that of the competition.

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Drafting and Blueprints


The drafting and engineering departments utilize the latest AUTOCAD systems and computer/plotting/scanning technologies. We employ some of the best detailers in the industry that work closely with contractors and architects to complete projects on time and most importantly within budget.

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Our Mission


"SRI has been building New England since 1963 and will continue to provide quality products with a competitive value for the next generation."