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Design Services

Building New England for over five decades, our third-generation family-owned company has grown from a fabricator of residential metal railings to a comprehensive architectural metal fabrication facility. We take pride in our role as an innovative industry leader and strive to provide our customers with a one-stop solution for their architectural metal fabrication and erection needs. We work in collaboration with other design team partners, including architects, engineering firms, and contractors. This approach allows us to ensure that the project specifications are in line with your needs and that the work is completed per local requirements. Our design team has extensive experience with a wide range of projects as well as the skill and resources needed to take on any number of fabrication challenges.

Superior Rail & Iron Works, Inc. is proud of our reputation for innovation as well as our expertise in working with designers and contractors during the initial phase of fabrication. Our design engineers are an integral part of this first step in your metal fabrication project. The design team will collaborate with you to ensure your project meets all required specifications. By incorporating our experience and knowledge of the fabrication process at this stage, we can often provide cost savings and enhance the efficiency of the existing project design.

SRI has the latest tools and techniques to help refine your vision and bring it to life. These experienced team members can supply the necessary guidance to ensure that you make the best choices for your fabrication project. We look forward to discussing your project and assisting you with your project.


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Drafting and Blueprints

SRI Drafting and Blueprint services are pivotal to accurate, successful completion of the fabrication process. Our custom blueprints create precise drawings of your proposed structural projects and effectively communicate the design of the metal fabrication project to each member of our project team. During this stage, our highly skilled team members will ensure an accurate representation of your fabrication project is shared between the design engineers and the shop floor fabrication team. Creation of this blueprint ensures the team will certify that all parts of the design are code compliant. Just as importantly, the blueprint will show your design meets industry standards as well as your own unique specifications.

Using the latest AUTOCAD systems and other advanced computer technology for plotting and scanning, SRI professionals will then produce steel shop drawings from your blueprints. These shop drawings serve to allow our team to visualize and conceptualize each detail of a proposed project. Critical details include specifics such as dimensions, size, and shape of components that will be used during fabrication, as well as a visualization of the assembly and installation portions of the process.

With innovative shop drawing software, SRI professionals reduce the likelihood of human errors that can create costly, time-consuming roadblocks during later stages of the project. This process ensures structural integrity and reduces the cost involved in reworking project designs.


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Fabrication and Erection

At SRI, our highly skilled team uses the latest technology to streamline the fabrication process and provide our clients with a quality product. Our production facility incorporates a wide variety of specialized fabrication equipment as well as an extensive inventory of specialized materials that allow us to handle emergency or quick-turnaround fabrication projects. We offer custom projects as well as basic fabrication processes like bending, welding, CNC machining, custom tooling, pressing, extrusion curving, laser cutting, and flanging.

SRI professionals continue to employ innovative technology and new tools to stay on the cutting edge of fabrication practices. In addition, our certified welders take part in ongoing development and training to stay up to date on advancements in the industry. Together, our team of talented and highly experienced engineers, welders, and project technicians will create a high quality and accurate solution for your fabrication project needs.

Once the fabrication process is complete, our team of professionals will safely transport completed items from our facility to their destination. There, our experts will install your project according to your specifications. Throughout all stages of your project, the fabrication and erection team at SRI is committed to producing a high-performance, quality product while maintaining high safety standards. We look forward to bringing your project designs and blueprints to life with our fabrication and erection process.